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Three reasons why recorded clips will make a difference to your workflow

Maybe you're already using recorded clips in your workflow. Maybe you're not. In any case, there's a lot you can do on the Clips page in Control. Here are three reasons why recorded clips can be helpful and make a difference to your workflow: 

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How to maintain and extend the life of your EnGo backup battery

Did you know the Dejero EnGo is equipped with an internal backup battery?  It's there to supply power to the EnGo and the attached camera when you need to swap your external batteries. Here are some helpful tips on what you can be doing to maintain and extend the life of your EnGo backup battery – giving you years of service and the ability to swap your external battery without having to interrupt your stream.

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How to monitor live stream performance using Dejero Control

The control room can be chaotic, especially before a news broadcast. You might have a number of mobile journalists live on location, waiting for their news segment. Have you checked the shot? Is the lighting right? How is the bandwidth for this shot? Making sure you get that live shot is so important, and often times it means checking and checking again to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. 

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How to manage your air time data using Control

Every time I visit with our clients, I hear at least one instance of how happy they are to be using Dejero gear in their daily operations. Whether they are increasing their use of file transfer and clip recording or covering more live shots every day, they can’t function without our units. However, increased usage comes at the cost of using most of, or even exceeding, their monthly data allotment. Below I've highlighted how Control provides several tools to help monitor, manage, and even restrict the data usage.

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