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Floods in Brazil No Match for TV TEM

Brazil has one of the most competitive broadcast markets in the world, thanks to a large commercial television system and a sizable audience for online news. For broadcasters, a key differentiator in this busy market is the ability to be the first to go live from the source of breaking news. Having a wide variety of tools at their disposal gives news crews the flexibility they need to go live in virtually any situation.

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New Rental Service Launched in Asia-Pacific

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could show up at your hotel and find your mobile transmitters waiting for you, batteries charged, and with local SIM cards active, tested, and ready to go?

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Live Events: Solving the Bandwidth Challenge

Covering special live events is exciting, challenging, and exhausting. News crews are often in the field for days or weeks at a time, running from place to place so that viewers don’t miss a second of the action. On top of the crazy schedule, each event comes with its own unique set of challenges for broadcasters.

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Content Sharing: Just a Phone Call Away

Have you ever wondered: Is there any way I can share a newsfeed with another station? Or is there any way I can get a newsfeed from somewhere in a different part of the world?  

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