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How TRP Reduced Costs and Improved Services with Digistor and Dejero

Capturing and sharing all of the excitement of live sporting events is no easy task, and covering live horse racing is no exception. Equestrian sport attracts a global audience of passionate fans who thrive on the excitement of a live event, but also want to stay on top of all of the news.

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Live Events: Solving the Bandwidth Challenge

Covering special live events is exciting, challenging, and exhausting. News crews are often in the field for days or weeks at a time, running from place to place so that viewers don’t miss a second of the action. On top of the crazy schedule, each event comes with its own unique set of challenges for broadcasters.

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Disaster Recovery: Ensuring Broadcast Continuity

Off The Air - Image used to test TV settings

Disaster recovery is a well-used term, but most of us associate it with a corporate IT environment. For companies, disaster recovery is all about having the redundant systems that will ensure the business can go on – otherwise known as business continuity – if a hurricane strikes or a fire-breathing dragon suddenly makes an appearance at your main data center. But Dejero customers have a broadcast-centric take on disaster recovery – it’s all about maintaining broadcast continuity in a station's worst-case scenario: losing its main and backup feeds. Without an effective disaster recovery strategy, your station is off the air and your viewers are watching another channel to get their weather updates or dragon sightings.

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