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State of live broadcast in 2016

Bill Nardi, VP of Broadcast Integration and Global Support at Dejero, talks about how network...

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Dejero EnGo Vehicle Mount Kit in Action

Dejero's Bill Nardi discusses enhancements of the EnGo for Live Broadcasting with InBroadcast's...

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Dejero Control Product Brief

Control is a cloud-based management system that gives you the power and flexibility to manage your...

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Dejero CellSat Brochure

Dejero CellSat is a blended cellular and Intelsat Ku-band IP satellite solution that's taking...

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Dejero Gateway Brochure

The Dejero Gateway solution provides fast, reliable, and secure access to the public Internet and...

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Customer Success Story: "The Runner"

How do you capture a nation-wide game of tag on camera? It's a question Matt Damon and Ben Affleck...

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Dejero Newsbook Product Brief

The Dejero NewsBook for Mac software offers an affordable, versatile, and simple way of increasing...

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Dejero Mobile App Product Brief

Broadcast live from virtually anywhere, record video for later broadcast, or import and upload...

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Dejero and the 2010 Winter Games Torch Relay

A real Dejero first! Listen in as former CTV News President Robert Hurst talks about the the...

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Dejero Cloud Server Product Brief

Dejero’s Cloud Server simplifies the complex task of publishing live or recorded video streams in...

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Dejero Multipoint Product Brief

Dejero Multipoint is a video distribution network that simplifies the sharing of high-quality,...

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Video Transport Solutions Brochure

Dejero simplifies the remote acquisition, cloud management, and multiscreen distribution of...

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Case Study + Workflow: Law Enforcement

In any major city, there is always the potential for large crowd situations to occur

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Live from Rio: Dejero's coverage of Rio 2016 Summer Games

With so many of our customers in Rio broadcasting the 2016 Summer Games, we decided to capture some...

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Dejero Network Blending

Dejero founder Bogdan Frusina talks about simultaneously transporting broadcast-quality live video...

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